North Miami Bed Bugs


North Miami Pest Control prides itself in having some of the best North Miami bed bug treatments and experts. Recently, we’ve been dealing with the increase in North Miami bed bug infestations. What has caused this increase you ask? While we cannot confirm the actual reason(s) we feel it is likely due to many different things. Such as the increased exchanging of second-hand furniture and the close proximity of living quarters.


North Miami Bed Bugs

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The idea of bed bugs in your home is probably a thought you have never considered and never thought you would have to; until now. They’re one of the pests that you really can’t ignore like small house spiders. Bed bugs feed on humans when they’re sleeping. Bed bugs will personally affect you because you are their host and you provide their food source; your blood. They obtain a meal from your blood and hide in your furniture, your bed, pillowcases, etc.


It’s often difficult to detect North Miami bed bugs if you expect to actually discover the body of a bed bug; this is not always easily done. Because bed bugs are nocturnal an inspection is more successful if done at night while they are actively moving about and seeking food.


If you are very worried that you have bed bugs or have evidence that you do have them, give us a call right away so we can help you get a plan in place to start treatments as soon as possible. Call us at (305) 290-4279 today and our North Miami bed bugs experts can give you a hassle-free quote!

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